Windhand also offers shamanic healing and counselling to the general public.

Shamanism is as old as human consciousness itself and has been practised all over the world. It is the most time tested system of purposeful integration of our spiritual and non spiritual human capabilities. It is has at its centre, compassion and understanding. Its origins can be traced back to ancient times. It is as relevant today for healing ourselves and the earth as it was for our ancestors.

The Shamanic understanding of reality is that there are in fact two realities - The Ordinary and the Non Ordinary. The Shaman engages with both in their quest to bring about healing and to restore harmony.

Central to the Shaman's work are the drum and rattle, which are used to move the Shaman's consciousness into Non Ordinary Reality. The Shaman retains their spiritual sovereignty and enters non ordinary reality to seek guidance and counsel, rather than to be directed by spiritual forces.

The Shaman works as a healer, a diviner, a guide, a ceremonialist and a teacher. Central to some societies and existing at the margins of others Shamans continues to provide a conduit for healing to those who seek their help. In modern times the central tenet of the Shaman's work, the Shamanic journey, has become widely available for all to learn and practise. Recent understanding has shown us that the Shamanic Journey is very much hardwired into the human mind itself.

Shamanic counselling

Shamanic Counselling is based on the classical Shamanic Journey. It consists of a structured series of five to six sessions where the client is shown how to make their own shamanic journey and to address any issues they may wish to do so in Non Ordinary Reality.

Shamanic Healing

For the Shaman all illness has a spiritual cause and it is this that the Shaman seeks to address. The client is the centre of the Shamanic Healing work. Both the problem and the healing are dealt with in a compassionate and understanding manner. The client is invited to divulge what they feel comfortable with expressing at that time.

The healing work is as variable as the number of difficulties we encounter in life, but is normally accomplished with the aid of drum , rattle and voice.