Shamanic Healing

For the Shaman all illness has a spiritual cause and it is this that the Shaman seeks to address.

Illness may take many forms, both spiritual and physical and will manifest itself in many ways. One of the Primary causes of illness from a Shamanic perspective is the feeling that one has lost part of oneself or a feeling of disassociation. Often this may occur following a trauma, such as bereavement or a shock to the nervous system where a part of oneself, the essential essence of a person, leaves the body. The test is always subjective and is very much dependant on how each individual reacts to the trauma that they have suffered.  Essentially this is a gift of survival. In the long term however, if the essence is not returned there is a vacuum within us. We might seek to fill this vacuum in many ways which can be detrimental to us, addictive or destructive behaviour and chronic illness being examples. The Shaman seeks find to and return this pure essential essence and return it to the person, releasing them back into a state of harmony.

In today’s society we are subject to many pressures, stresses and strains from others which can impact on our health and wellbeing. Negative energies or intrusions can lodge within our emotional and physical body leading to discomfort and a blocking of our energetic flow. The Shaman seeks to trace and extract these negative intrusions, restoring health and vitality to the client.

A large part of the Shamans work involves helping the spirits of those who have departed life to make the journey into the otherworld. The Shaman acts as a Psychopomp – literally a guide or conductor of souls. Sometimes a person might feel that there vitality is being drawn upon or they feel overshadowed in some way. The Shamans role to move this energy onwards in a compassionate and heart centred way to a place of peace.

Shamans are involved in dealing with and unravelling many other kinds of negative influences or harmful wishes which may be directed towards a person and which they feel have caused them harm or misfortune.

The client is the centre of the Shamanic Healing work. Both the problem and the healing are dealt with in a compassionate and understanding manner. The client is invited to divulge what they feel comfortable with expressing at that time.

The healing work is as variable as the number of difficulties we encounter in life, but is normally accomplished with the aid of drum , rattle and voice.

Each session lasts approximately 2 hours and costs £50. Reductions are available for those un-waged or on low incomes. Please get in contact for further details.