Shamanic Counselling

Shamanic Counselling is based on the classical Shamanic Journey. It consists of a structured series of five to six sessions where the client is shown how to make their own shamanic journey and to address any issues they may wish to do so in Non Ordinary Reality. The client becomes their own Shaman and is able to receive direct revelation, spiritual advice and guidance. It is a method of spiritual self empowerment. There is no need to rely on external sources. It allows the client to reclaim their own spiritual authority. The first session comprises of an introduction to Shamanism and all queries and questions and concerns are addressed. The following five sessions involve the client making their own Shamanic Journey,  having received the necessary guidance and instruction, exploring non ordinary reality and seeking answers to questions or difficulties they face in their lives. The Shamanic practitioner counsels the method, whilst the client seeks council in Non Ordinary Reality.

Each session lasts approximately two hours.

Shamanic Counselling is a spiritual method that follows ancient principals of Shamanism rather than those of psychology or of other Western systems. It is not derived from one specific cultural or ethnic tradition, but is based on cross cultural principals and is especially adapted for use in contemporary society. Its goal is life enlightenment, not the treatment of psychopathology. It is a problem solving system for discovering one’s own spiritual power and wisdom to deal successfully with daily life.

A course of five sessions costs £200. The first session is £50, if you decide to continue with the work the balance is then payable.  Reductions are available for those un-waged or on low incomes. Please get in contact for further details.