Our work

Windhand is dedicated to helping those who have suffered trauma, abuse, violence, addictive behaviour or been wounded in some way.

Windhand works with small groups of seven or eight people, utilising the healing power of the drum. We use drums and other percussive instruments to express and heal our thoughts and feelings in a non verbal way. No previous expereince of drumming is needed. The drumming is unscripted and is absorbing, freeflowing and joyful.

The drumming is led by Andy Curley, an experienced shamanic drummer who has led many drum circles and worked with a number of groups who have suffered severe trauma. Andy has a DBS certificate for working with vulnerable children and adults.

Windhand is a non profit making voluntary organisation based in the West Midlands. All drums and equipment are provided.

The drum is one of mankind's oldest allies, used throughout the world since ancient times to promote healing and community.  By drumming together we express many problems and difficulties without the need to find words.  Drum rhythms encompass the spectrum of human emotion and experience. Whatever the trauma the drum offers solace and release.  We are able to obtain relief from anger and pain.  The drum allows intuition to lead the body.  A study by Dr Barry Quinn, a clinical psychologist specialising in neurobiofeedback therapy for stress management, demonstrated that even a brief drumming session can double alpha wave brain activity dramatically reducing stress.


Drumming has been found to be helpful to those with addictions. A study by Michael Winkelman found that drumming circles have applications as complementary addiction therapy, particularly for repeated relapse and when other counseling modalities have failed.

Benefits of Drumming


Healing through community drumming